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Best Hobby Greenhouse Reviews and Rankings
#1 Pick - Grandio Elite Review
#2 Pick - Juliana Premium
#3 Pick - Grandio Ascent Greenhouse Review
#4 Pick - Brighton Greenhouse Review
#5 Pick - Riga Greenhouse Review


1. Grandio Elite
2. Juliana Premium
3. Grandio Ascent
4. Brighton Greenhouse
5. Riga Greenhouse

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There are a great number of greenhouse kit options for the greenhouse gardener. You can find everything from a coldframe seedling starter up to near commercial size greenhouses. We decided to focus on the most popular sizes and styles of greenhouses for the hobby and backyard gardener, then test and review these greenhouses to see which ones truly were best. So with that in mind here are our top reviews and ratings for hobby greenhouses.


1. Grandio Elite Greenhouses
5 Stars
..."After setting up and testing the Grandio Elite greenhouse, we are hard pressed to find anything we didn't like. The key features of the Grandio Elite that led us to award it our #1 Rating and Top Pick are the following: attractive looks, tall barn-style roof, heavy duty frame, 10mm thick twin wall panels, easy assembly, and standard included base and accessories. "
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2. Juliana Premium Greenhouse
4.8 Stars
..."The Juliana Premium series is a very nice greenhouse, especially for those gardeners who live in areas with very harsh winters, or who like the look of a European-style greenhouse versus the barn style of the Grandio Elite. It is attractive, has nice standard features, is extremely well insulated and durable."
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3. Grandio Ascent Greenhouse
4.8 Stars
..."When shopping for greenhouses you quickly learn you need to compromise. You want strength but give in due to costs, you want working room but have to go to a larger size than originally wanted, you want easy installation but that generally requires a starter unit. It’s a give and take greenhouse world. Then we found and tested the Grandio Ascent Greenhouse Kit..."
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4. Brighton Greenhouses
4.2 Stars
..."Brighton has taken everything you've been looking for in a greenhouse and put it in one ultimate unit. From the hybrid poly panels to the sturdy aluminum frame. It's all there. The clear panels bring out the life of your greenhouse with extreme visability while allowing the maximum amount of light to enter. The opaque roof breaks up any direct rays that may be damaging to your plants. This unique combination allows the perfect amount of sunlight to enter your greenhouse without harming your plants."
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5. Riga Onion Series Greenhouses
4 Stars
..."The Riga Onion series is an extremely durable and well-constructed greenhouse. It comes in a nice range of sizes, both width and length, and was not overly difficult to assemble. We weren't thrilled with the looks of the onion shape, but if that is a style that suits your eye, then you can't go wrong with whichever size Riga you select. Also, be aware that the Riga's are approximately double the cost of the Rion Hobby Gardeners (our #1 pick) per square foot."
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